Bailiff Tools

When executing the applications of creditors, the bailiff uses information and communication tools in his daily work (OGNIVO, CEPiK, ZUS PUE, ŹRÓDŁO, CIKW, EPU, MPE). These improve the search for assets, thereby enabling enforcement or securing the claim covered by the request, and at the same time ensuring constant and effective communication with the bailiff.



This online system currently connects several dozen banks and credit unions. The OGNIVO service enables electronic inquiries into bank accounts of debtors/obligors. Thanks to the service, bailiffs can get information about the debtors and obligatory bank accounts from banks quicker. Currently, the service only allows you to obtain information about accounts, while other activities are carried out by bailiffs outside the OGNIVO system.


The Central Registry of Vehicles and Drivers is an information system that includes a central database that collects data about vehicles of their owners. Access to this system allows the bailiff to quickly identify the debtor’s vehicles.



A web portal that allows the bailiff to obtain information on debtor’s income sources in electronic format, particularly about their employer (as in the case of persons employed under a contract of employment or under a civil law contract), or service provider as in the case of pensioners. This is a great benefit as electronic versions eliminate the need of postal correspondence between the bailiff and the Social Security Institution.



The PESEP-NET service enables the bailiff to independently search or verify personal data of the debtor, obligor and other participants of the proceedings in the central database. It significantly improves and accelerates bailiff activities, particularly eliminating traditional postal correspondence.


Elektroniczne Postępowanie Upominawcze

Electronic Order of Payment Proceedings. A system that allows the initiation of enforcement proceedings by computerised means, to entities that obtained an e-Court decision electronically. Referral of the enforcement application to the bailiff can take place according to the creditor’s choice either electronically or traditionally in the form of post. Detailed information can be found at


Centralna Informacja Ksiąg Wieczystych

The land information database within the Central Land Registry allows the bailiff to search for real estate according to the criteria of the owner, address and plot number.



The Enforcement Procedure Monitor is an online system that automatically provides authorized persons with information about any case involving their participation.

The office undertakes to handle cases within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk. This enables the right to choose a bailiff under Article 10, Paragraph 1 of the Act of March 22, 2018. on court bailiffs (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 771).

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