Bailiff’s tasks and rates

Here you will find the main tasks of the bailiff as well as a list of legal acts* regulating the rights, responsibilities and manner in which the bailiff works. We also provide helpful rates and fees, such as interest on late payments.


Under current legislation, the bailiff’s main responsibilities include:

  • Executing pecuniary claims (payments of specific monetary amounts)
  • Executing non-pecuniary claims (vacating premises, handing over estate or chattel)
  • Securing monetary claims
  • Searching for debtor’s assets at the request of the creditor
  • Preparation of inheritance inventory lists
  • Preparation of factual reports on states of affairs
  • Implementation of provisions regarding the protection of inheritance
  • Delivery of paperwork with acknowledgment of receipt and indication of date (only on behalf of the court)
  • Verification of the existence and content of court rulings issued in the electronic writ-of-payment procedure – EPU


  • The amount free from deductions for the minimum remuneration for work: 2,600 PLN (gross)
  • Average monthly salary: 4003,88 PLN
  • The Social Security Institution fee for answering bailiff enquiry: 35.73 PLN / person
  • The Tax Office fee for answering bailiff enquiry: 35.00 PLN / person
  • Fee for postal items 6.05 PLN per letter
  • Law office fee – 10% of the amount recovered
  • The amount of the KIR fee for providing information from the OGNIVO system is variable and results from the current price list on the website This is covered by the Law Office through its KIR subscription
  • The customer can recover all expenses after a successful case

The office undertakes to handle cases within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk. This enables the right to choose a bailiff under Article 10, Paragraph 1 of the Act of March 22, 2018. on court bailiffs (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 771).

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