How to initiate bailiff proceedings?

Below we provide forms that make it easier for you to initiate bailiff proceedings or to support them in the process: execution application, security application, request to search debtor’s assets, inheritance inventory form.

Generally, all requests addressed to the bailiff are submitted on paper. There is also a possibility of submitting applications verbally for the protocol, but in this case, personal attendance or attendance of a legal representative is required.

The bailiff initiates proceedings at the application of the authorized person. The application should indicate to the bailiff, what is to be the subject of the proceeding (cash amount/items to be handed over) and how it is to be conducted (course of action), as both issues depend on the intention of the person entitled.

The execution application must be accompanied by the original write of execution, and the security execution application must be submitted along with the title of security. The inheritance inventory application form should be accompanied by a court order ordering the preparation of the inventory, or other documents which demonstrate the legal interest of its preparation if the application request is submitted directly to the bailiff before the court order is issued.

Applications for the initiation of enforcement, issued in electronic writ of payment (EPU), may be submitted traditionally or electronically (i.e. by means of a computer system that supports e-court electronic writ-of-payment proceedings). Under current law, if an application is submitted electronically by a legal representative, the power of attorney has to be sent by traditional post.

The office undertakes to handle cases within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk. This enables the right to choose a bailiff under Article 10, Paragraph 1 of the Act of March 22, 2018. on court bailiffs (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 771).

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