ORAL AUCTIONS: The sale of property by the bailiff takes place in the form of an oral auction for the highest price. Current information on the auctions assigned by the bailiff can be found on the website http://komornikgdansk.pl/licytacje/


INFORMATION ON AUCTIONS: All auctions are made public by the bailiff  on announcements hung on information boards in Gdańsk City Hall on 8/12 Nowe Ogrody Street in Gdańsk, as well as on information boards of Gdansk-North District Court in the building on 10 Piekarnicza Street (Pomeranian province). Information on estate auctions are additionally published in the local press at least two weeks before the designated date of auction. Any auction may be cancelled without reason.

VIEWING: All auction items can be viewed in the place and time indicated on the announcements.

DEPOSIT: A condition for taking part in the auction is the submission of a participation deposit of one tenth (1/10) of the sum of the item’s estimated worth, no later than the day before the auction. The deposit may be paid at the office’s cashier’s office or by transfer to the bailiff’s bank account. The participation deposit submitted by the winning bidder is kept, and the remaining bidders’ deposits are returned immediately.  If the winning bidder does not meet the terms of the auction, particularly regarding the payment of the auctioned price at the correct time, the deposit is forfeited and contract expires.

IDENTITY DOCUMENT: Each person who participates in the auction should present a personal ID or other document that allows for determining identity.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Power of attorney to participate in the auction should be confirmed by a document with an officially certified signature. The above does not apply to the power of attorney granted to a lawyer or legal advisor. In this case, a simple written form is sufficient.

The office undertakes to handle cases within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk. This enables the right to choose a bailiff under Article 10, Paragraph 1 of the Act of March 22, 2018. on court bailiffs (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 771).

Contact us by email: gdansk.wojciechowski@komornik.pl or call us on:  +48 58 341 81 21

Office contact – phone +48 58 341 81 21, mail: gdansk.wojciechowski@komornik.pl
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