ORAL AUCTIONS: Sale of property by the bailiff is happening by the rules of oral auction with offering the highest price. Actual information about auctions designated by the bailiff are provided on page: www.licytacje.komornik.pl



INFORMATION ON AUCTIONS: All auctions are made public by the bailiff  by announcements hung on information boards of Muncipal office of Gdansk in 8/12 Nowe Ogrody street  in Gdansk and on information boards of regional court of Gdansk-North in the building in 10 Piekarnicza street. Information on estate auctions are additionaly published in local press at least 2 weeks before the designated date of auction. Any auction may be cancelled without reasoning.


WATCHING: All objects of auction can be seen in place and time precised in the announcement.


WARRANTY: Condition of parttaking in auction is submitting a warranty in amount of one-tenth (1/10) estimated worth of given object, not later than in the day before auction. Warranty can be paid in the office cash or by bank transfer to bailiff’s bank account. Warranty submitted by the winning bidder is kept and other bidders’ warranties are returned immediatly. Winning bidder who hasn’t keep auction’s conditions especially for not paying bid stake in date loses the warranty and effects of winning are cancelled.


IDENTITY DOCUMENT: Person parttaking in auction should identify by identity card or other document allowing determining of the identity.


ATTORNEY: Attorney to parttake in auction should be confirmed signated document with legal confirmation. It does not apply to attorney given to lawyer or legal adviser, in their case standard written  form is enough.

Kancelaria podejmuje się prowadzenia spraw z terenu całej Polski. Umożliwia to prawo wyboru komornika wynikające z art. 8 ust. 5 ustawy z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997r. o komornikach sądowych i egzekucji (tekst jedn.: Dz.U. z 2011 r. Nr 231, poz. 1376 ze zm.). Zapraszamy do kontaktu mailowego: gdansk.wojciechowski@komornik.pl lub telefonicznego pod numerem 58 341 81 21.